At Acua-Ocean, we integrate the latest technological advancements from across the shipping and green energy sectors to create innovative solutions for the maritime sector. However, we know that being green is not enough to be sustainable. Through the use of smart engineering and system designing, we are able to decrease production costs and improve operational efficiencies, allowing our vessels to stay uncrewed offshore for longer.

7.1 metre

AO Guard

AO Guard is a zero-carbon emission guard vessel used to protect and intercept other vessels from damaging underwater cables and provide rapid communications when required.

Our Vessels


We understand that any harbour to site time, is lost time and lost revenue, all of our vessels are not only designed to be uncrewed vessels in order to reduce safety and compliance costs, but also provide longer endurance by reducing crew transfer turnaround time and a significant decrease on transit operations.

AO Wave 

AO Wave is a zero-carbon emission, long endurance USV for surveying and ROV operations. AO Wave has the flexibility in design and is tailored to meet clients' needs.

12 metre