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  • What is a H-USV?
    ACUA Ocean has developed a hydrogen-powered USV (H-USV) for safety, security and environmental monitoring and management of offshore infrastructure, ports, and marine protected areas.
  • Is hydrogen safe to use on a USV?
    ACUA Ocean uses green liquid hydrogen, enabling a 99.3% reduction in green house gas emissions well-to-wake. AO H-USVs use various sensors to monitor and control the state of the hydrogen tanks and the fuel cells on board. Additionally the hydrogen fuel tanks are located below the water, in the unlikely event that there was a rupture of the fuel tank, the liquid hydrogen would dissipate into the water.
  • How much greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are saved using an AO vessel vs a traditional vessel?
    The use of H-USVs will reduce operational CO2 emissions by up to 99.3% and offer reduced maintenance and refuelling requirements compared to existing manned solutions, without sacrificing on power. This allows for increased range, speed and endurance, increasing onsite operations.
  • How does ACUA Ocean differ from traditional maritime ship builders?
    The AO Guard is designed to be manufactured at scale, moving from traditional shipbuilding to production more commonly seen in the aviation of automotive industries.
  • What is the difference between net zero and zero carbon emissions?
    By taking a circular economy approach, we have committed to ensuring that we operate ACUA Ocean in an ethical and sustainable way and that means that as a company we have committed to being net zero. This means that we have examined the Product Life Cycle Phases, including Raw Materials, Manufacturing, Distribution, Deployment of Vessels and End of Life (EOL) Management and have committed to ensuring that we use only the most sustainable and ethical materials and processes. Where zero emissions cannot be achieved in the up or down supply chain - then we have committed to carbon offset these emissions.
  • What are the main features and functionality of the AO vessel?
    Endurance | Speed | Payload capacity | Sensors | Sensor range | Sea state
  • What is the cost of the H-USV?
    Our H-USV can be manufactured at scale, reducing capital costs by 30%, allowing for cost-effective operations that are 50% cheaper than manned vessels throughout their lifespan.
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