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ACUA Ocean Receives Investment from Katapult

ACUA Ocean is in the top 10 global ocean impact tech startups to receive investment from Katapult group this fall. These startups represent the top 1% of all 2700 candidates to the accelerator program. In total, the recruitment round screened startups from 6 continents and around 75 countries, and the selected 10 companies represent 7 different countries and span 4 continents.

These 10 startups will take part in an accelerator program within the Katapult Ocean vertical, which is investing in and supporting startups with a positive impact on the ocean. Over the next three months, the ACUA team will strengthen their skills in impact, strategy, management and investor readiness through a combination of video modules and hands-on workshops. ACUA Ocean will also benefit from entering a network of international mentors, industry players and investors.

"ACUA Ocean are delighted to be joining the Katapult family. We have a shared passion for our oceans and clean technology and are excited about working with world leading experts to accelerate our route to market."

Jonas Skattum Svegaarden, CEO of Katapult Ocean comments on the portfolio’s trending investments for 2021, “This round we are still very positive to seaweed and have in total 6 investments in the macro- and microalgae sector, adding three more this year [Oregon Dulse, SoftSeaweed and 12 Tides].”

The 10 ocean tech startups receiving investment from Katapult in 2021:

ACUA Ocean (United Kingdom): Long endurance, hydrogen-powered uncrewed surface vessels for monitoring and sustainable management of oceans and waterways.

BioFeyn (France): Optimizing existing ingredients in fish feed, producing the most sustainable and nutrient-packed farmed fish on the market.

Freepower (Norway): Self sufficient and 100% solar energy-driven electric boats, which are easy to use, silent, emission free, and have a low carbon footprint.

Oregon Dulse (USA): A pure vegan complete-protein powder extracted from seaweed and used as a 100% vegan friendly protein supplement.

GazelleWindPower (Ireland): Floating offshore wind power generation plants.

GKinetic (Ireland): Generates tidal energy to offer clean, predictable energy from free flowing water, with minimal impact on the natural environment.

SoftSeaweed (Norway): A software solution developed and designed to make seaweed farming businesses more sustainable and profitable.

Brayfoil (South Africa): The next generation of wind turbine blades - that change shape to tailor loadings and respond better to incoming winds, enabling lighter blades, longer bladespans, and reducing the overall cost.

UmamiMeats (Singapore): Developing cultured seafood based on a proprietary, low-cost, and sustainable formulation of growth factors.

12 Tides (USA): Ocean-friendly foods with kelp from regenerative ocean farms.

About Katapult

Katapult is an investment company, focused on highly scalable impact tech startups. We currently have 50 M USD under management, invested in 138 companies from 35 countries.

The accelerator programs strengthen investments made in highly-promising impact tech startups. Since 2017, Katapult has conducted 8 flagship accelerator programs and 3 corporate accelerators.

In 2020, the Katapult Foundation was established, gathering our non-profit initiatives under one arm. The Foundation is focusing on building the impact community and educational efforts around impact investment. Initiatives include Katapult Future Fest, Katapult X and the Nordic Investment Network.

About Katapult Ocean

Katapult Ocean invests in and helps to support, launch and scale profitable and sustainable startups with a positive impact on our ocean. Since 2018, Katapult Ocean has made 42 investments in exciting ocean impact companies from all over the world. The companies participate in a 3-month long accelerator program to support growth and impact. A global network of more than 100 mentors and partners support the companies together with a team based in Oslo, Norway. To learn about the companies Katapult Ocean has invested in, visit

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