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Emu and ACUA partner on new Marine Observation & Biodiversity Intelligence (MOBI) platform

Emu Analytics, an award-winning provider of innovative real-time geospatial analytics and visualisation Digital Twin software, and ACUA Ocean, a developer of zero-emission autonomous marine vessels have announced that they have secured funding from the UK Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra) to develop their innovative new Marine Observation & Biodiversity Intelligence (MOBI) platform.

The first stage of the Defra funding seeks to improve the observation capabilities of the UK’s waters, towards improved assessment and evaluation of the status and risks to natural capital assets. These can include data acquisition, communication, storage, analysis, and modelling systems.

The MOBI project will evolve the design and integration of real-time sensor data from ACUA Ocean’s autonomous marine monitoring vessels, which will enable analytics applications and marine digital twin solutions to more effectively consume, analyse data to present insights to marine organisations.

In addition, lead partner Emu Analytics will adapt, transition, and evolve its innovative digital twin and real-time geospatial analytics software (that has been used in other sectors including aviation, transportation, and energy), to demonstrate how such technologies can more effectively collate, process, analyse and visualise marine biodiversity sensor data.

The partnership intends to further develop and deploy the MOBI solution during stage 2 of the “Improving Observation Capabilities of Biodiversity in UK Waters” programme through a demonstration of the technology in an offshore environment.

The partnership builds on Emu Analytic’s and ACUA’s commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals and accelerating game-changing technology and data collection that can enhance ocean health.


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