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Introducing hydrogen-powered


Up to 40-60 days at 4 knots |  4,500kg/ 15kW payload | Zero GHG emissions


Sustainable | Zero Carbon Emission | Renewable

The use of hydrogen will reduce operational CO2 emissions by up to 99.1% and offer reduced maintenance and increased reliability.

Our vessel has lower refuelling requirements compared to existing manned solutions, without sacrificing power. This allows for increased range, speed and endurance, increasing onsite operations.

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AI edge based processing

More power for sensors and decision-making

Onboard power for commercial and environmental sensors and decision-making. Use of AI and edge based processing for data analysis, threat and anomaly detection and real-time decision-making.

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Modular Design and Flexible Payload

4,500kg payload | Plug and play sensor configurations

Our versatile zero-carbon emission hydrogen-powered MASS has a flexible payload, for use across multiple maritime sectors. The enhanced onboard power enables clients to select from a range of sensors to meet their commercial and operational needs.

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Long Endurance

Up to 60 days at 4 knots | Reduced operational costs

We understand that all harbour to site time is a waste of both time and revenue. ACUA Ocean
MASS are designed to last up to 
40-60 days offshore at 4 knots, and with our 24/7 monitoring and
operating system we can vastly reduce the turnaround time on crew change and equipment
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