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Marine Conservation &
Fisheries Protection

Environmental monitoring and protection of MPAs, EEZs and fisheries

Use Case

Use Cases

  Fisheries Monitoring

  MPA Patrols

  Metocean data

  Water and Air Quality Sampling

  Coral Reef Assessment

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Using onboard high resolution cameras for AI-driven threat and anomaly detection, as well as for recording illegal activities for prosecution purposes.

Extended situational awareness capabilities, in addition to augmented autonomous operational fleet management, work to optimise swarm


Example use case


Deployment of 8 AO Guard vessels as a swarm to provide a 160nm visual perimeter around the MPA. The AO Guard swarm can identify threats and anomalies – including vessels that are too small for radar, and those operating without AIS. The AO Guard sends an alert, and deploys the most optimally positioned vessels to track and intercept – the rest of the fleet reforms a perimeter to detect further incursions.


The lead AO Guard vessel sails to intercept the target whilst trying to establish comms via VHF. At a range of 1-2nm, the AO Guard uses the LRAD system to warn the suspect vessel that it is entering a restricted area. If the target vessel persists, the AO Guard deploys laser dazzlers and LRAD as an acoustic deterrent.


The AO Guard continues to track the incoming vessel maintaining a stand-off distance, relaying its GPS co-ordinates to the coast guard. The AO Guard maintains a line of site and continues to transmit low bandwidth video, focussed on identifying the target vessel operator. The AO Guard continues to capture secure encrypted HD video suitable for prosecution.

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