Safety, security and environmental monitoring for Wind Farms, Pipelines, O&G, Subsea Cables and Offshore Data Centres


Use Cases

  Guard vessel duties

  Autonomous lifeboat and rescue

  Oil spill detection

  Maritime firefighting

Long endurance +70 days at 5 knts, with reduced maintenance requirements, meaning increased operational time on site.

H-USVs provide continuous perimeter monitoring with ability to intercept any incoming vessels.

We utilise the latest in AI and computer vision technology to detect threats and anomalies such as objects in the water, oil spills and incursions.

Example use case


Deployment of 5 AO Guard vessels as a swarm to provide a visual perimeter, and collect environmental data from around a North Sea Wind Farm.

The AO Guard swarm can identify both intentional and accidental incursions into restricted areas – including vessels that are too small for radar, and those operating without AIS. The AO Guard sends an alert, and deploys the most optimally positioned vessels to track and intercept – the rest of the fleet reforms a perimeter to detect further incursions.


The lead AO Guard vessel sails to intercept the target whilst trying to establish comms via VHF. At a range of 1-2nm the AO Guard uses the communications system to warn the vessel that is entering a restricted area. 


As a multi-project deployment, our H-USVs can deploy a Wind LIDAR, water and air quality monitors and other environmental and situational sensors for data collection while on site; all while conducting site safety and security monitoring duties.