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Ports & Terminals

Safety, security and environmental monitoring for Green and Eco Ports.

Use Case

Use Cases


  Continuous water and air quality sampling
  Oil spill monitoring and management

  Water side fire fighting

  24/7 security patrols

  AI for threat and anomaly detection 


  Marker buoy positioning

  Channel inspections and shallow water surveys

  Water side asset inspections

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H-USVs deliver a zero-carbon emission guard vessel solution, supporting Green and Eco Ports.


Remote operations supplement existing perimeter security solutions, reducing cost and maintenance downtime for operators.

Versatile H-USV deployments enable a range of pre-plotted daily tasks, including marker buoy and waterside asset inspections.


Onboard sensors enable continuous near real-time environmental testing and sampling from multiple locations around the port. High resolution onboard cameras and AI solutions provide augmented operator awareness for accelerated decision-making.

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A fleet of 5 AO Guard vessels can be deployed to support water police and provide continuous operational coverage and interception around ports and terminals. Onboard, they have the capability to use high-end thermal imaging cameras for increased security, as well as to create recordings for use in prosecution and legal/insurance claims. Operating as a swarm, the AO Guard vessels patrol at a speed of 5kts, with the ability to reach sprint speeds of 20kts. On detecting an intrusion into a restricted area, the AO Guard intercepts the vessel and begins issuing warnings in multiple languages to turn around.

The onshore operator can dispatch one or more vessels from the port fleet to respond to incidents or threats. At a range of 200m, the operator can deploy the loud hailer as an acoustic deterrent. Future payloads will include scientific sensors, fire fighting and port survey capabilities.

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